Hickory Hornets Travel Baseball Information

2018 Travel Team Coaches

Age Group Coach Phone Email
8U White OPEN    
8U Blue Kevin Bowling 443-676-0013 pacopunkoi@aol.com
9U Black Jerry Vecchioni 443-794-6565 jerryvecchioni@yahoo.com
9U Blue OPEN    
10U Black Dan Leon 443-286-9582 danieleon13@hotmail.com
10U Blue John Kilchenstein 410-916-0869 johnkilch@verizon.net
11U Black Craig Carpenter 410-446-9367 unitedhornetdad@gmail.com
11U Blue Lou Westermeyer 443-463-8882 lou_wes@msn.com
12U Black Kevin Miller 443-623-2942 K73L76@gmail.com
12U Blue Joe LoBianco 443-608-7308 jlobianco@acpicorp.com
13U Matt Rohlfing 443-617-1623 crohlfing2@verizon.net
14U Ed Coogan 410-409-7873 ecoogan@biabroker.com
15U Keith Marchiano 410-937-4890 kmarch52@verizon.net

Please contact our Travel Coordinator, Dan León at danieleon13@hotmail.com with any questions regarding the HFG travel program.

2018 Hickory Hornets Travel Tryouts

***Tonight's 12U Black tryouts have been moved to Harford Sports***

The teams listed below play in the Chesapeake Regional Amateur Baseball League (CRAB), the most competitive invitational league in the state that includes club teams from MD, DE and PA. In addition, these teams play a tournament heavy schedule throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. These teams require a high level of commitment and dedication for both players and parents.   To see if these teams are right for you, please contact the coaches listed below with any questions you may have

13U - Matt Rohfling, 443-617-1623, crohlfing2@verizon.net

12U Black - Kevin Miller, 443-623-2942, K73L76@gmail.com

Age Group





Sunday August 20

Sunday August 27

3pm - 5pm Schucks Road Complex #2

12U Black

Tuesday August 29

Wednesday August 30

6pm - 7:30pm C. Milton Wright #4

All other Hickory Hornet teams will be formed following tryouts in early February.

Please contact our Travel Coordinator, Dan León at danieleon13@hotmail.com with any questions regarding the HFG travel program.


2018 Hickory Hornets Coaches Needed


We are looking for travel coaches for the spring 2018 season.  Right now we are looking to fill the following positions:

  • 8U Blue Head Coach

  • 9U Blue Head Coach

  • 11U Blue Assistant coach

If you are interested, please contact our Travel Coordinator, Dan León at danieleon13@hotmail.com for more details.


8U White

Our 8U white team is a developmental team composed mainly of 6-7 years old without travel experience that plays in the 8U HCTB League with the intentions of becoming our main 8U team the following year. Led by Kevin Bowling, the boys had an exciting season and look forward to returning next year!


8U Blue

Led by Jerry Vecchioni. They had a very successful season in going 11-3 in the HCTB League. Their tournament run was also successful by finishing:

  • June, 2017 HCTB Playoff Tournament Quarter Finalist 

  • June, 2017 Essex Father's Day Semifinalist

  • June, 2017 UCBF Summer Classic Quarter Finalist  


9U Blue

Led by John Kilchenstein. They had a great overall season with a winning record in the HCTB League going 8-6. They had a good run at tournaments as well by finishing:

  • June, 2017 HCTB Playoff Tournament Semifinalist 

  • March, 2017 UCBF Spring Classic 9UB Semifinalist

  • June, 2017 Esex Father's Day Tournament Finalist  


9U Black

Led by Dan Leon. The team had a very successful season in winning the regular season for CRAB League by going 10-2 and won the EOY League playoff tournament and overall record of 25-7-1. Their tournament records included:

  • June, 2017 9U CRAB League Playoff Tournament Champions 

  • April, 2017 9UA UCBF Spring Classic Semi-Finalist

  • May, 2017 In the Net Hershey Memorial Day Classic Champions 

  • June, 2017 Future Stars Father's Day Classic Finalist

  • June, 2017 UCBF Summer Classic Semifinalist

  • July, 2017 9U Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Maryland State Semifinalist 


10U Black

Led by Craig Carpenter. They also played in CRAB league for the season, however, their focus was more in tournament play and they had a very successful season overall with an overall record of 42-12:

  • April, 2017 Spring Classic 10UA Champions

  • May, 2017 Chesapeake Memorial Weekend Classic Champions

  • June, 2017 Battle of the Bats Semifinalist

  • June, 2017 Ripken Summer Kickoff finalist

  • July, 2017 ACB Pittsburgh Diamond Classic Semifinalist

  • July, 2017 10U Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Maryland State Champions

  • July, 2017 10U Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Regional - TBD 


11U Black

Led by Kevin Miller. They played in CRAB and HCTB League. They won the regular season for the HCTB League, but their focus this year was in tournament play and ended the season with an impressive 35-14 record. They had a good tournament runs as reflected below:

  • March, 2017 Midnight Madness "In the Net All Nighter" Champions

  • April, 2017 UCBF Spring Classic Semifinalist

  • June, 2017 HCTB Playoff Tournament Finalist 

  • June, 2017 Youth Baseball Major World Series in VA Beach Semifinalist

  • July, 2017 11U Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Maryland State Semifinalist 


12U Black

Led by Allan Gibbons. They also participated in CRAB League but focused on tournament play as our 10U and 11U did. This was our team that went to Cooperstown and they represented well by finishing 33 out of 104 teams in seeding games. They went on to win two playoff games in the Cooperstown Experience. They also had the following accomplishments:

  • April, 2017 UCBF Spring Classic Semifinalist 

  • June, 2017 UCBF Summer Classic Semifinalist 

  • July, 2017 12U Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Maryland State Finalist 


14U Black

Led by Keith Marchiano. We formed a 14U team as a developmental team that included younger players playing up and players that did not have travel experience. They played in HCTB League ans although from a record standpoint it doesn't reflect the hard work of the players and coaches, they had a successful season from a development perspective. They ended their season as a Semifinalist in the Essex Father's Day Tournament. 


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