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2015 Hickory Hornet "Black" Team Tryouts

Hickory Hornet Black teams - The Hickory Hornet Black teams are "club level" teams without the club level costs. They play in the Chesapeake Regional Amateur Baseball League(CRAB), the most competitive invitational league in the state that includes club teams from MD, DE and PA. In addition, these teams play a tournament heavy schedule throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. This is a high level of commitment and dedication for the player and parents. These teams also participate in weekly Ripken qualifying league games during the spring season to be able to attend the Cal Ripken tournament trail that begins in July. The Black teams usually practice twice a week and extend their season well into July and sometimes August.


2015 Spring tryout dates for the 10U, 11U, and 12U BLACK teams are as follows:

  • 10U Black - Sunday 9/14/14 at 10am and Sunday 9/21 at 6pm - Fountain Green Elementary School - Contact Coach Alan Gibbons atallan@castleroadconst.com or by phone at 443-807-3134

  • 11U Black - Sunday 9/14/14 and Sunday 9/21/14 at 6pm - Tucker Field - Behind BMW dealer on business route 1 - Contact Coach Joe McIlhenney at joemacbaseball@aol.com or by phone at 443-695-3767

  • 12U Black - Sunday 9/14/14 and Sunday 9/21/14 at 6pm - Tucker Field - Behind BMW dealer on business route 1 - Contact Coach Chris Skandalis at cskandalis@gmail.com or by phone at 443-243-9655

  • 8U and 9U Black - See below. They follow the Feb tryout dates until established as a "club level" team.


    Please make sure you attend at least one of the tryouts. If you cannot make either tryout date please contact the coach for an individual tryout. As a courtesy, please email the coach to let them know which tryouts you will be attending, so they can plan for the tryouts.


2015 Hickory Hornet "Blue" Team Tryouts

Hickory Hornet Blue Teams - The Hickory Hornet Blue teams participate more locally playing in the Harford County Travel Baseball league and gear their tournaments to the local vicinity. The Blue teams practice a minimum of one night a week. Their season usually concludes at the end of June.

2015 Spring Tryout Dates:

February 1 & 2

Harford Sports Training Academy

121 Industry Ln

Forest Hill, MD 21050

  • 7U - 1130-1pm(2/1) and 515pm-630pm(2/2) - Coach Dan Leon - 443-286-9582 - danieleon13@hotmail.com

  • 8UBlack - 1045am-1215pm(2/1) and 515pm-630pm(2/2) - Coach Craig Carpenter - 410-446-9637 - unitedhornetdad@gmail.com

  • 9UBlack - 10am-1130am(2/1) and 630pm-745pm(2/2) - Coach Kevin Miller - 443-623-2942 - K73L76@gmail.com

  • 10UBlue - 915am-1045am(2/1) and 630pm-745pm(2/2) - Coach Matt Rohlfing - 443-617-1623 - crohlfing2@verizon.net

  • 11UBlue - 830am-10am(2/1) and 745pm-9pm(2/2) - Coach Ben Pierce - 443-417-6391 - bpierce@umm.edu

  • 12UBlue - 830am-10am(2/1) and 745pm-9pm(2/2) - Coach Bill Carrier - 973-219-1659 - bill_2511@yahoo.com


10U Hickory Hornets are Maryland State Champs!

Congratulations to the 2014 10U Hornets who recently repeated as the 2014 Ripken Baseball Maryland State Champions.


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16U Hickory Hornets are CRAB League Champs!

Congratulations to the 2014 16U Hickory Hornets who beat the Maryland Bullets 6-5 to win the 16U CRAB League Championship on Thursday July 24.  Great Job Hornets !!


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District Champs !!

Congratulations to the 2014 12U Hickory Hornets on capturing the District #8 championship this past weekend.  The win gained the boys a berth in the Cal Ripken World Series in August.  Not only did they win the championship but the team went undefeated in the process.  Great job Hornets !!!


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2014 Travel Team Coaches

Age Group Name Phone Email
8U Blue

Dan Leon

Craig Carpenter





8U Black Kevin Miller 443-623-2942 K73L76@gmail.com
9U Black Allan Gibbons 443-807-3134 allan@castleroadconst.com
9U Blue Matt Rohlfing 202-744-2572 rohlfim@amtrak.com
10U Black

David Miller

Joe McIlhenney





10U Blue Ben Pierce 443-417-6391


11U Black Chris Skandalis 443-243-9655 cskandalis@gmail.com
11U Blue Bill Carrier (973) 219-1659 bill_2511@yahoo.com
12U Black Joe McIlhenney 443-695-3767 joemacbaseball@aol.com
12U Blue Keith Sellers 410-207-4320 commishm@aol.com
13U Black Ken Bogdan 443-386-8353 ken@bogdanslaw.com
14U Black Dan Goettell 410-322-8800 dgoettel@banfi.com
16U Black Jeff Sperl 410-458-2575 jssperl@gmail.com
19U Black Jim Wiedermann 410-984-8435 JWiedermann@amports.com

2013 Travel Guidelines

There have been modifications to the Travel Guidelines.  The most important change has to do with playing requirements for travel player's in-house commitment.  Please click on the following link to read the entire document.

2013 Travel Guidelines


Hickory Hornets Fundraiser Schedule

Date Team Event Cost

Friday, 3/7


12U Hornets (Black)

Bull & Shrimp Roast

Click for Info Flyer

Richlin Ballroom



2013 14U Hickory Hornets win Ripken Myrtle Beach Skills Competition

A belated shout out to the 14U Hickory Hornets for winning the Ripken Myrtle Beach "Turn Two" skills competition.  Not only did the guys win the competition, but they did it in style with a record setting time of 28.07, breaking the previous record of 28.70. Not only that but we've been informed that not only was it the fastest time ever for a 14U team but it was the fastest time of any 90' diamond team ever for ages 13-18. The competition involves turning 4 different double plays as quickly as possible.


In addition to their record setting performance in the skills competition, the Hornets advanced to the final 8 in the winners bracket of the Ocean Breeze Tournament and finished 6th overall. The guys had a great season this year, improving from a record of 8-30 in 2012 to a terrific 20-14-1 record in 2013.  Great job to all the 14U Players and Coaches !


2013 12U Hickory Hornets win Ripken District Tournament

Congratulations to the 12U Hickory Hornets (Black)...The guys won the 12U Cal Ripken District tournament over this past weekend, going undefeated in the process.  By winning, they’ve gained a birth in the Cal Ripken World Series in Aberdeen which is set to start in August.  Great Job, Hornets - all of Hickory Baseball is proud of your accomplishments !


2013 11U Hickory Hornets win Cal Ripken Maryland State Championship

The 11U Hickory Hornets went 6-0 and beat UMAC 5-1 for the championship last Tuesday night.  This is a Threepeat with three consecutive years of winning the Maryland State Championship.  This has never been done by any Cal Ripken MD team three consecutive years in a row. They will represent Maryland at the Mid Atlantic Regional tournament in Northern New Jersey that starts on August 1st.  Congratulations to the three-time Champion Hornets... great job and best of luck in North Jersey!!!


2013 9U Hickory Hornets win Cal Ripken Maryland State Championship

The 9U Hickory Hornets went 5-0 throughout the tournament and beat PG Select 5-1 for the title last week.  This is their first Maryland State Championship. They will represent Maryland in Southern New Jersey for a Mid Atlantic Regional tournament that starts August 1st. Congrats Hornets and Best of Luck in South Jersey !!!


Past Champions Photo Gallery

2012 Essex Tournament

7-8 B Division Champions

2012 10U Cal Ripken

Maryland State Champions

2011 9U Cal Ripken

Maryland State Champions

2011 10U Cal Ripken

Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions

2010 10U Cal Ripken

Maryland State Champions


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