Hickory-Fountain Green Coaches

2017 Coaches Meeting Schedule

All 2017 Head Coaches should make plans to attend every meeting.  If unable to attend and you have an assistant coach, please try to have them attend in your place.

Date Location Time
March 8th Fountain Green Elementary 7:30pm
April 19th Fountain Green Elementary 7:30pm
May 10th Hickory Park 8:30pm
June 13th Hickory Park 8:30pm

Meetings are typically held the 2nd Wednesday of every month from January thru June. Time and location are subject to change so check this page for the current schedule.  Should you have any questions regarding the Coaches Meetings, reach out to us at hfg.baseball@gmail.com.


Next Coaches Meeting

Wednesday, March 8th

Fountain Green Elementary School


All teams should try to have a either a head coach or an assistant coach at this at this meeting.  We will be talking parents night, equipment distribution, practice plans, schedules, finalizing age group rules, upcoming travel team stuff, and conducting the drafts for the older in house age groups.  Really have a full plate so critical that head coaches be there if at all possible.


Any questions, contact us at hfg.baseball@gmail.com


2017 Coaching Guidelines

All rule additions and changes for 2017 are highlighted in red text for your convenience

Coaches Code of Conduct

Printable version of Coaching Guidelines


Be respectful of our umpires and young people who are may be umpiring the games. Discuss any disagreements calmly with the umpire and other coach. The umpire need only restate their decision one time and it becomes non-negotiable.  

Coaches are responsible for their fans. Explain the rules to the players and parents so that everyone is properly informed. No un-sportsman like behavior will be tolerated. The person(s) involved will be brought before the baseball board and could be removed from the HFG baseball program. No exceptions.

Warm Up

Managers and coaches shall be permitted to warm up pitchers between innings and prior to the start of the game. Warm up of pitchers and catchers during the game shall be in an area behind the fence sheltered from foul balls. Coaches will equally share the field for pre-game warm up. Players under the age of 16 must wear face mask when warming up a pitcher.

Team Bench

When not in the field or at bat, players should remain on the team bench at all times.


All players must be in the batting order and wear a batting helmet. Managers may rotate and substitute freely (excluding the pitcher) in the field, but the batting order shall remain unchanged.  Players who arrive after the game has begun must be placed at the bottom of the batting order.  In postseason, batting out of order will be an automatic out.

Any players taken out of the line-up for an illness, injury or personal matter will not be an out when it’s their turn to bat.  However, if the player is ejected and misses a turn at bat, it will be counted as an out for the next at bat ONLY.  Any additional innings that the batter misses will be skipped over and not counted as an out.

base Coaches

Each team will be responsible for fielding two base coaches during the game.

Base coaches must stay 3 feet away from the field and within 6 feet of the base during play.  Coaches may not touch or assist a player while that specific play is in progress.

Minimum number of players

(From the 9-10 Age group and older) To begin a game, a team must have a minimum of 8 players. Players arriving after the umpire has started the game may take the field immediately and must be added to the bottom of the batting order. Each team must finish the game with at least 8 players. In postseason, a team that does not finish the game with 8 players must forfeit the game.


To be eligible for post-season play a scorebook must be kept by all managers similar to that outlined within the Official Rule Book of the Cal Ripken Division.  Player’s names will be recorded by using last names in the scorebook.

intentional walks

Intentional walks are not permitted. Knowingly pitching around a hitter will not be permitted up through the 11-12 age group. No coach or assistant coach will advise or encourage a pitcher to pitch around a hitter and if found violating this rule will be subject to board level discipline.


Please refer to specific age groups for additional pitching information

Game start times

Starting time for games played during the week shall be 6:00 PM with a forfeit time of 6:15 PM. Starting times for games played on Saturday will vary by age group.  The age group schedule will determine the start time, with a forfeit time being fifteen minutes after the start time.

game end times

No inning shall start after 8:00 PM during the weekday games

official game length

All games shall be scheduled for 6 innings or a 2-hour maximum, See age group for specific rules on official games.

speed up of game

In an effort to play the maximum number of innings, the umpire may invoke all or any of the following SPEED-UP rules: 

With two outs, a pinch runner can be used at the coach’s discretion for the catcher of record or next inning.  The player(s) making the last out(s) will be substituted as the pinch runner(s).

rain-outs / schedule changes

Changes to the schedule after the start of the season can only be made with the approval of the Age Group Commissioner. Rainouts or postponements are not automatically rescheduled. Managers wanting to make up rainouts or postponements must contact their age group commissioner. The Age Group Commissioner will coordinate with the field scheduler and the managers will be notified of a make up date.

Rain-outs or postponements for weather conditions or field conditions can only be made by the Umpire, age group commissioner, or either manager of the teams present at the field. The safety of the players is the primary consideration. Both managers must agree that conditions are safe to play. If one manager deems the field unsafe, then the game shall not be played, and that manager shall be responsible for calling the age group commissioner to report the cancellation. Due to the heavy field schedule, there is no guarantee that canceled games will be made up.

equipment abuse

The abuse or misuse of equipment (i.e.: throwing the bat), including the deliberate throwing of the same, by any player or coach shall result in a team warning.  Any subsequent violation shall result in the offender being immediately ejected from the game and an out assigned to that batter the next time at Bat.


All Managers must read and sign a Coaches Code of Conduct Form prior to the start of the season.

Managers and coaches are expected to behave properly and exhibit sportsmanship. For 9-10 and older, Managers and coaches are not permitted on the field to discuss a judgment call by the umpire. With two umpires, one umpire may discuss the call with the other umpire to make a final ruling. At that point discussion will cease and the game will continue. Managers, coaches and parents will not argue ball and strike calls and will not make comments such as pre-calling a pitch or out/safe. If there is a concern about a rule interpretation a manager may address the umpires between innings with the other manager present. Only the manager is to address an umpire. Coaches and parents are not to direct any comments toward the umpires. Managers, coaches and parents are subject to suspension if these rules are not followed. Anyone ejected from a game will be suspended for the following game as well.


While in the bench area or on the bases, players may cheer for their teammates. Common team chants are acceptable and should be positive in nature. Shouting or yelling specifically to distract a player on the other team will not be permitted. After warning has been issued to the player, coach, or fan, the umpire may use his discretion to eject the warned party.


The following shall result in immediate ejection by the umpire:

  • Foul or abusive language by a player, coach, manager or spectator.

  • Deliberate intentional physical contact with an umpire by a player, coach, manager, or spectator. 

Ejections are not only for the current game but also for 1 additional game (regular or tournament). Ejection is defined as the offending person(s) must leave the field area or their team will be subject to forfeit of the game.  The Umpire will be given sole discretion for making the ejection decision.  If a player is ejected, his position in the batting order will count as an "out" for the next time up only.  The ejected player will not be placed in the batting order for the next game.  A hearing with the League Director and a board member will be required.


Players, coaches or managers who have been ejected for the first time during the season will be contacted by a board member to discuss the ejection and the consequences should another ejection occur. Those ejected for a second time during the season (regular and tournament) shall be suspended for the remainder of the season, and may not play or coach again in Hickory Fountain Green Baseball Program unless a request to do so is approved by the Hickory Fountain Green Baseball board

Sale Or Use Of Tobacco

The Board of Education of Harford County has established a Tobacco-Free School Environment Policy (06.01.006). The sale or use of tobacco of any form is prohibited in school buildings, on school grounds, in all school system vehicles, and in all school buses (whether owned by the school system or contracted or leased) every day, 24 hours a day of the entire calendar year. Organizations using school property which do not enforce and/or comply with this policy may be subject to revocation of their opportunity to use of said property. Smoking is strictly prohibited on school grounds. As of January 1, 2012, smoking is no longer permitted on any Harford County property including Hickory Park and Prospect Mill Park.


There are no protests.  

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